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  • Starters:

  • 155 Kč - Parma ham with yellow melon
    165 Kč - In phyllo pastry roasted goat cheese with italian bread
    220 Kč - Prawns baked in phyllo pastry, served with frisée-rocket salad with lime dressing
    175 Kč - Veal tartare with capers, dijon mustard and gherkins
  • Salads:

  • 125 Kč - Tomato-rocket salad with black olives and mozzarella
    145 Kč - Salad of baby spinach, beetroot, goat cheese and walnuts
    110 Kč - Mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and parmesan flakes
  • Pasta & risotto:

  • 175 Kč - Ricotta gnocchi with sage butter and parmesan cheese
    185 Kč - Potato gnocchi cacio e pepe – with Pecorino Romano and black pepper
    185 Kč - Spicy casarecia with fresh italian sausage salsicia i pancetta and sun dried tomatoes
    215 Kč - Orecchiette with duck ragu
    155 Kč - 'Tagliatelle al Limone' – pasta with lemon and basil
    185 Kč - Penne with romanesco and gorgonzola
    175 Kč - Risotto with radicchio trevisiano, Parma ham, taleggio cheese and walnuts
    195 Kč - Risotto Nero with seafood
    285 Kč - Risotto with langoustines, courgettes and white wine
  • Main course:

  • 185 Kč - Grilled chicken breast Supréme served with beluga lentils, artichokes, fava beans and parsley oil
    185 Kč - Slow cooked pork ribs with BBQ sauce, salad and homemade bread
    220 Kč - Duck confit served with potato-celeriac puree and red wine sauce
    365 Kč - Flank steak served with Balsamico-glazed cipollini and grenaille baked on herbs
    275 Kč - Veal Scaloppini with lemon sauce and parmesan risotto
    285 Kč - Veal 'Saltimbocca alla Romana' served with grenaille baked on herbs and cognac sauce
  • The Club

  • We do like when the venue developes, rather then it's opened ready, final and as a proven business concept. Let's leave that to others; the well known restaurants in the neighnorhood such as Pilsner Urquell's or multinational fast food chains. That is why we call our cafe and gastro concepts as a "off Pilsner's" like the independent New York theatre scene call it self "Off Broadyway". Yet this very winter, we plan to open earlier and start to prepare meat free breakfasts. In spring, a small garden covered by shade of an re-installed awning is planned. In September 2014, we're opening a music club in the lower level of the place which will always start in the end of the day. We are currently working on the production and the way it's gonna be. The club will be a really special place. Besides the music, it will provides different entertainment like card games or wine tastings for small and private groups of our guests.
  • And at last: according the fact, we have a very strong connections with an actors ensemble from one of the Prague's best theatres - Dejvické divadlo - it is possible that the future might surprise us in this way too..
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