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  • Starters

  • 220 Kč - Octopus carpaccio with lemon vinaigrette and lambs lettuce salad
    145 Kč - Bruschette with baked aubergine spread and gratin goat cheese
    180 Kč - Beef tartare with capari, shallot, cucumber and dijon mustard, bruchette
    220 Kč - Prawns sauteed with garlic and white wine on a from fresh apricot salad
    150 Kč - Baked bell pepper salad with gorgonzola and fig
  • Pasta & risotto

  • 220 Kč - Gnocchi Nero with calamari and cherry tomatoes
    195 Kč - Fusilli with salsiccia, dryed tomatoes, pancetta and chilli
    185 Kč - Spaghetti aglio olio e pepperoncino with parma ham and rocket leaves
    220 Kč - Linguine with prawns, cherry tomatoes and chilli
    185 Kč - Penne Caccio e Peppe with Pecorino Romano and black pepper
    185 Kč - Gnocchi Sorentina with pomodoro sugo, basel and mozzarella
    220 Kč - Risotto Nero with seafood
    195 Kč - Mushroom risotto with salsiccia and truffle oil
    240 Kč - Saffron risotto with zucchini
  • Main courses

  • 390 Kč - Beef sirloin tagliatta on a salat from rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes parmesan
    220 Kč - Chicken with kapari, garlic, tomatoes and Marsala wine baked in terracota
    240 Kč - Veal ragu with rosemary grenaille
    195 Kč - Slowly baked pork ribs, salad, homemade brad
    295 Kč - Duck breast with chocolate sauce and baked potato peels
    260 Kč - Pan-fried cod with choriso and peas
  • Salads

  • 150 Kč - Mixed lettuce salad with radish, bell peppers, cucumber and tomatoes
    175 Kč - Grilled vegetables salad with goat cheese
    220 Kč - Salad with pan-fried prawns, fennel, orange and red chickory
  • BEER

  • BEER Permon 11° from Sokolov
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